The Wild Verges Award

You’re perambulating along, by foot or bike or car (or whatever your preference), and you see a particularly lovely patch of roadside wilderness that has been allowed to grow untrimmed, and now it’s waving gently in the breeze. You may want to say “Well done!” And now you can, with the Sketching Weakly Wild Verges Award. Simply cut out & nominate the stretch of road where your lovely verge was, and send to your local county council strimming department.

Cut out & keepPersonally I’d nominate the top of the A4144 where it meets the A423 in Oxford.

And this bit of Regent’s Park for nice Cow Parsley:

Regents park

Eggs of the World in Danger

Transport your egg to Paris by making this unfeasibly fiddly egg cup.

Egg in DangerStrangely enough, the egg on top seems to be actually sweating.

WARNING: the FIDDLINESS LEVEL involved in making this is rated EXTREME.

Egg in DangerHere’s a pdf to print out:

Egg in Danger

stunt eggHere’s a Stunt Egg ready for testing unfeasible egg cups.

Turd Alert

Our street tends to be often perilously bedeckled with dog poo. Usually right outside our own doorstep, where there is a lamp post. To help stop occasions of dismay at inadvertently stepping in an offering, Sketching Weakly brings you the Cut-Out & Keep Turd Alert Flags.Turd Aler Flags smallAll you need to make them is: scissors, Pritt stick, cocktail sticks, a small amount of cardboard box, and a print out of this pdf (see link below):

Turd alert

Now you can draw attention to a hazardous dropping, and also try & match the poo with its possible creator.

Make sure you don’t step in the same turd twice.

Sketching Weakly at the Zoo

Sketching Weakly has been at the zoo, often looking at invertibrates, amphibians and reptiles…. insectsS   The cockroaches were looking particularly delicious.

lungfishSSketching Weakly had never seen a snake-necked turtle before – nearest thing ever to a plesiosaur…

caeciliansSAnd another new animal was the mysterious Caecilian.

Tree on the way there:

treeSAnd people on the way back…


The Metaphorical Monster Generator

The Verbal Engineers at Sketching Weakly have been building a Metaphorical Monster Generator. (With added Existential Angst.)

metaphorical monster makerHere are some that Sketching Weakly made earlier:

some we made earlier…and then it was time to go for a bracing walk on Wittenham Clumps and leave the monsters to amuse themselves.


Paul and Lewis and the Afterlife


Their earthly fishy bodies are dead – but what is next for Lewis and Paul?

Paul & Lewis and the AfterlifeUPDATE: A week after the Toxic Pond Calamity – Stewart is still alive and well, along with the frogs. And the pond water has been declared safe for aquatic life forms.


Goldfish Emergency


Elementary Fish Keeping: Lesson One

We knew Paul, Lewis and Stewart, Herbie’s goldfish, were tough; they’d survived the winter and also not been fed for 11 months.

But when your goldfish spend all their time with their little noses at the surface of the pond, they are not being friendly and sociable, but MOUTHING SILENT CRIES OF HELP AS THEY SLOWLY ASPHYXIATE.

It was too late to save brave little Lewis and Paul, who lost the battle against total lack of oxygen.

But maybe not too late for Stewart.

Luckily we live near the The Best Fish-Keeping Shop in the Universe, the Goldfish Bowl, where Barry was able to declare our water to be deadly poisonous and tell us what to do to stop the catastrophe.

Elementary Fish Keeping : Lesson Two

Even if you’ve got frogs in it, your pond may not be the harmonious ecosystem you think it is. Too many snail suicides and too much sludge may have turned your water toxic.

We are not proud of our negligent and woeful fish-keeping. But Stewart is still afloat and the frog triplets are keeping him company until our pond water is declared safe for more aquatic life forms.

Sketching Weakly Al Fresco

Sketching Weakly has been Out & About in Norfolk, often in pubs…al fresco 01Every pub needs its own chickens. (The Hare Arms)

al fresco 02These ladies are painted on the side of that baby elephant.

al fresco 04al fresco 03A bit of a chestnut tree.