Things to Make & Do

Do you like printing out exceptionally fiddly things and then trying to make them? Are you quite patient? Do you have scissors and perhaps some Pritt stick?


Then this page is for you!

SD Header     Here’s a Space Map you can print out and fold up!  Fiddliness level: well nigh impossible…

space mapClick n this link: Space Map

H HeaderHave you lost your pet stick insect? Or favourite rabbit? Or snake? Or rhinoceros? Make your own lost pet posters…14cat postersClick on this link: Lost Pets

TIS HeaderMake an alien in pyjamas.Aliens in PyjamasClick on this link: Aliens in Pyjamas

Make party hats for your toys!Space Party HatsClick on this link: Space Party Hats

JIM HeaderMake a Ponto mask. Then have a bit of a roar or do some pouncing.Ponto MaskClick on this link: Ponto B&W

TBS HeaderMake a packet for some seeds.Seed PacketClick on this link: Seed Packet

DS HeaderDecorate the Dish and the Spoon with incredible outfits.Dish and SpoonClick on this link: Dish and Spoon

BB HeaderPrint out a recipe to make your own biscuit bears.BB's Recipe BookClick on this link: Biscuit Bear Recipe

Here’s a Biscuit Bear template.Biscuit Bear OutfitClick on this link: Biscuit Bear Outfit

TMIH HeaderCut-out Traction Man with outfits. Fiddliness level: extremely highDress Up TMClick on this link: Dress Up Traction Man

TMMT HeaderTraction Man to design an outfit for…TM OUtfit DesignClick on this link: TM Outfit Design

Download the Endpapers (They are missing from the paperback).TMTD EndpapersClick on this link: TMTD Endpapers

TMBO HeaderCut out Beach Time Brenda. Fiddliness level: shocking.Cut-out BrendaClick on this link: Cut Out Brenda

Make a Suitcase Book! (Fiddliness level: it says ‘moderate’ but it’s actually quite high)Suitcase BookClick on this link: Suitcase Book

Download the Endpapers (they are missing from the paperback)TMB endpapersClick on this link: TMB Endpapers

PP HeaderHere’s a Pea Recipe Book: Ways With Peas.Pea Cook BookClick on this link: Pea Cook Book

ED HeaderMake a tottery Eiffel Tower to balance your egg precariously upon. Fiddliness level: Off the scale.Egg in DangerClick on this link: Egg in Danger

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