Mollusc Frenzy

It’s been raining and the molluscs are on the move, charging up the garden path, swarming up stalks and flinging themselves acrobatically from leaf to leaf as they circle in on Sketching Weakly’s prize Campanula Pendula. Which is now a sad-looking stalk.

Mollusc FrenzyThe flies have been busy too.

fliesSnails seem to really love tree climbing.

climbing snails

4 thoughts on “Mollusc Frenzy

  1. Hope the molluscs don’t include the evil Spanish Slug! I spotted one in my garden last year, but no sign of its progeny so far.

  2. Maybe we need some sort of overexcited Spanish Hedgehog to go to town on the Spanish Slug. But we all know that would end in an unforeseen ecological disaster….

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